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Keeping Christmas Natural and Simple November 23, 2009

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Inspire Natural Parenting Contest

I’ve thought and thought about what to write about for the blog to inspire contest with Parenting by Nature, now with less than a week left to enter the contest I feel inspired.

With the holiday season coming up so soon and the shopping season already upon us I can’t help but notice all the toys kids are playing with these days and how important it is that we continue promoting imaginative play in our children rather than all these noisy, character branded toys that promote tv watching and a complete lack of imagination because all a child has to do is push a button and the toy plays by itself.

In our house we try very hard to keep things as natural as possible, though I realize it’s not always the easiest thing to do in todays society. However, for the holidays this year I’ve decided we will not be getting anything with buttons, lights, or sounds (unless it’s musical instruments of course). Instead, we’ve decided to stick with toys more along the waldorf style. For those that don’t know what waldorf is, try checking out Why Waldorf Works for more information.

In these times it really is imperative that we keep nature in mind too, so a lot of the toys on our wishlists are made of wood or come from recycled plastics. I find this so important to keep in mind when looking for toys as our future generations deserve to be able to enjoy the beauty of the world around them.

There are so many wonderful natural and recycled plastic toys out there, and many major toy stores even carry them now, so it’s really not that hard to keep to this basic standards when you’re out searching this holiday season. Another great thing to keep in mind is the safety of the children you’re shopping for. With all the stuff going around about toy safety, recalls, lead based paints, ect. the benefits of natural eco-friendly toys become even more apparent as they don’t contain any of the products that you would need to be concerned about your precious baby consuming while they’re sticking everything they can find into their little mouths.

With my son’s imagination just starting to blossom we’re working very hard to nurture that as much as we can. He has a tendency to just want to watch tv and all the character branded toys have not helped in the least. I’ve found that pulling him away from the tv is much easier when we’re playing and using our imaginations more. I’m excited about all the wonderful wooden kitchens and accessories on his wishlist that’ll allow him to learn while he plays the natural way.

Other things to keep in mind this season is all the wrapping paper and gift bags that generally end up in a landfill after all the presents are opened. Consider using re-usable fabric bags or seeded wrapping paper that you can plant to give even more back to the earth. Also, in our house it has always been a tradition to pop Christmas crackers, these are usually paper/cardboard filled with things that most people will just throw out after the fun. A simple solution is using fabric crackers that you can filled with whatever you wish and re-use for many years to come.

As always, I’m not saying you have to do all these things in your house, but these are things to consider when preparing for the holidays this year.