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Cloth Diapers and Moving the blog site November 12, 2009

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Okay let me start off by saying I will soon be moving my blog over to it’s very own site and am excited to really get things started once that happens. I just ordered a bunch of different diapers and am super excited to start trying them out and sharing my experiences, likes, and dislikes about all of them. This includes Flip, Econobum, BumGenius Organics, Starbunz AIOs covers and pockets, Fuzzibunz one-size, GroBaby w/ snaps, and Jillian’s Drawers Stay Dry Overnight Pack that includes a Happy Hempy’s fitted diaper, Sugar Peas Fleece Cover, a BumGenius Microfiber insert, and a Swaddlebees one-size hemp doubler.

You’ll notice that I won’t ever mention diapers that use velcro closures, this is because in my experience the snaps are much better. Velcro tends to wear out after usage and washings, and if your baby is like my kids it will quickly figure out how to take them off as fast as they can.

I’m also a pretty young mother (22) so most of my friends either don’t have kids, or are just now starting to, and also tend to just go for whatever is easiest without considering other options. Most people cringe when they hear cloth diapers, but I can assure you that these cloth diapers are not the diapers your mothers used. Cloth diapering has never been easier even for the lazy mothers amongst us. If you’re really concerned about ease of use, try AIOs, they’re practically like using disposables only you throw them in a wetbag and then into the wash instead of into the trashcan. Or if you just really don’t want to have to wash your diapers I highly recommend giving gDiapers a shot, they’re flushable so you never have to smell poop in your house! I’m so excited to start sharing all my experiences and I hope it’ll help you make the right decision for you and your family!



2 Responses to “Cloth Diapers and Moving the blog site”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    I can’t wait to hear about some of them. Cloth diapering isn’t at all what I had always imagined (the cloths we use for burp rags and pins). If all goes as planned and I am home with baby 3, I would really like to try cloth diapering. So the way I see it, you are saving me a lot of trouble in having to find out what the best brand is 🙂

    • Parenting By Nature Says:

      I’m so excited to hear that. I’d love to sit down and talk to you about it. There are so many options that we could find something just right for what you want (budget, style, ect). It really is a shame that most daycares won’t use cloth diapers, I wish there was a way to spread the word and help them realize how easy they actually are to use so they may be more open minded to the idea.

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